Panasonic agnetica levitation door
Panasonic magnetica levitation door

  • Rebound safely after encountering resistance, rebound to the fully open position.
  • Position memory 1 After the first time it encounters resistance and rebounds, it will pass through the conflicting position again, and it will run at a low speed.
  • After position memory 2 bounces under resistance for the second time, it will pass through the conflicting position again. If there is still an obstacle, it will stop running after bounce 2cm under resistance, and resume normal operation after receiving the door open signal.
  • The function of preventing repeated opening of the door will automatically power off if the door is opened and closed more than 10 times within 3 minutes, and will resume normal operation after 2 minutes.
  • Full-open hold function: Hold the door in the fully-open position for 3 seconds, the door will remain open, and automatically close after 1 minute; or use the remote control to press the "normally open" button, press the "auto" button when it is released, the door will automatically close .
  • Double door synchronization function Two sets of automatic doors realize synchronous opening and closing

Working principle
Linear motor is a transmission device that directly converts electrical energy into linear motion without any intermediate conversion mechanism. It can be regarded as a rotating motor which is sectioned in the radial direction and developed into a plane. It has the advantages of simple structure, high precision, sensitive response, safety and reliability.


New drive
the way
The linear motor is integrated with the door, attracting and repelling each other through magnets
Achieve linear motion, realize the opening and closing of the door
Less friction points,
Low noise
Little friction
Generate dust
Traditional drive
The door is connected with the belt, and the belt is driven by the rotating motor to realize the opening and closing of the door
There are many friction points,
low efficiency
loud noise
High friction generates dust


Open method


Technical Parameters
Door style
Track length
Door weight
Door width
Door machine track installation method
Door chassis size (width × height)
Opening speed
300/400/500mm/s three levels adjustable (factory setting 400mm/s)
Closing speed
200/300/350mm/s three levels adjustable (factory setting 300mm/s)
Opening hours
1~10s (factory setting 3s)
Manual opening force
≤14.7N (1.5kgf)
Ambient temperature
AC 220V±10%


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