automatic Sliding door


Panasonic automatic door - New Ruidi 120

  • Choose intelligent control system, stable operation
  • Equipped with new technology motors, improved motor structure, optimized design of deceleration device, and further reduced noise;
  • Optimize the controller program, cooperate with the new motor design, and run more balanced and smoothly;
  • Using high-strength polyurethane pulleys, rolling friction noise is lower;
  • Using newly developed sensors;

  • Quiet design
    Panasonic Ruidi Series
    Some other brands
    1 DC brushless motor, small size, high power, low operating noise;
    A general motor, bulky, low-power, adjustable differential speed, large operating noise;
    2 integrated motors, one motor and gearbox, avoiding the need to bring a small vibration noise belt drive;
    2 Split motor, separate motor and gear box, adopting small belt drive is easy to produce vibration and noise;
    3 worm gear transmission, high transmission efficiency, high torque output and low noise;
    3 The gear transmission method is adopted, the transmission efficiency is low, the noise generated by the gear meshing is large, and the output torque is small;
    4 using polyurethane pulley, having a light weight, shock absorption, anti-aging, low temperature characteristics, effectively reducing the rolling frictional noise during operation;
    4 The pulley is made of hard nylon, which is heavy and has poor self-lubrication. It produces great friction when running on the guide rail and has high operating noise;

    Casement style
    Double open
    Door weight
    Below 150kg
    Below 150kg × 2 pieces
    Door width
    installation method
    Opening speed
    14~41cm/sec (remote control adjustable)
    14~40cm/sec (remote control adjustable)
    Closing speed
    10~40cm/sec (remote control adjustable)
    10~38cm/sec (remote control adjustable)
    Opening hours
    0-9 seconds
    Manual opening force during power failure
    Ambient temperature
    AC200~250V 50/60HZ

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